Yesterday we got the news that Windows 11 22H2 users will experience difficult to do eject media if in case the Task Manager is still open.

Well apart from that, there have been quite a number of other bugs reported, and one that is fairly recent is the Nvidia GPU Usage bug in Task Manager. This problem was first reported by a user wash_king_jos on Reddit, where on the RTX 3070 Ti, the GPU Disk Usage in Task Manager doesn’t appear to be displaying the correct information.

As in the picture above, there seems to be a fairly high GPU Disk Usage at 96%, even though the device temperature is only 39 degrees Celsius. The number looks upside down, and maybe the GPU Usage that should be showing is 4% instead of 96%.

What’s more, it seems that there is no strenuous activity that has been carried out. Interestingly, guys, this problem only occurs in Windows 11 22H2 with Nvidia Driver version 522.25, if the user is using Windows 11 21H2, it seems that the problem does not occur, or if the user is using Windows 11 22H2, downgrading the Nvidia Driver can be a solution.

“It’s the last nvidia driver update (522.25). Downgrade to the second last fixes the problem.” Say reddit user nicolaerario.

So did you find the same problem? comment below guys.

Via : Reddit


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