A question that is quite often asked by laptop users, especially those who have just bought a new laptop and still have an interest in exploring more about branded devices.

“Does frequent sleep damage the device?” So the answer is simple, no, why? let’s explain further.

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Devices I Use

Until now I’m still using the Asus K401UQK with a battery health of around 54.6%.

In the five years or so I’ve been using this device, I hardly ever do shutdown unless I’m not going to use this laptop for a long time (usually more than 4 days – 1 week), I usually use this mode more often. sleep if you want to go to or from work.

From my experience, going to sleep mode for several years has not caused any problems, because basically this Sleep Mode is very dependent on powerif the battery still has a decent endurance, then sleep mode should still be optimal for use.

What is Sleep Mode?

A little information, with sleep mode, all data that the user is currently open will be stored in the ram, the advantage is of course if we use the device after it is in sleep mode, then the device will open faster and be immediately ready to use.

Besides, if you’re scared ram will be damaged due to frequent sleep mode, of course, don’t worry guys, because ram it is usually designed to last, even some vendors RAM offers a lifetime warranty.

Now because this sleep mode relies on RAM, then Power becomes an important part of this mode, if the power dies (eg battery drop), then the data in RAM will be reset so the possibility of data loss will be very large.

So if the device we use always has to be close to the plug, sleep mode is not recommended to be used, this is to avoid cases of unwanted data loss.

Then Will It Damage Hardware?

The answer is no, as long as the device we use has battery which is good for supporting sleep mode.

If your device must continue to be connected to electricity, to use sleep mode, it’s a good idea to have additional power backup, you can use a UPS or battery if it’s on a laptop, this is to avoid the process of resetting the data stored on your laptop. ram due to power loss.

In addition, generally new devices currently use SSDs which are theoretically impact-resistant, so even if you are in sleep mode and the laptop is in your bag, the device will not have a problem, if you are still using the HDD, there may be concerns that the HDD will be damaged due to an accident. crash in the bag.

But again, based on my experience, sleep mode doesn’t damage the device on an additional note.

When is the Right Time for Sleep Mode?

Sleep mode is suitable for use when you want to stop work in a short time. For example, in my case, going to or from work, when I want to change rooms, and even when I sleep, my laptop goes into sleep mode too.

If, for example, I am on a long trip, from Bandung to Yogyakarta, for example, I put my laptop in mode hibernate and for shutdown, especially if it’s a holiday and I don’t have anything to do with my laptop.

Well, it’s clear enough, isn’t it?, but of course I’ll explain again, this article is based on my opinion and experience, so maybe you have different opinions and different experiences too.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and opinions in the comments column below, will sleeping often damage the device? comment below guys.


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