One of the important parts of the browser is the features find on page which I use quite often, especially to find a word from many similar texts.

Now in Microsoft Edge, it looks like this feature will add more improvements advanced where later we can search for words more accurately, starting from case sensitive search, match whole words, and others.

As in the picture above, we can activate this option later if you want to find something more specific, for example, include:

  • Include related matches – the browser will highlight words and phrases that may match what you are looking for.
  • Match case – activate case sensitive For example, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Whole world match – this option will only find words and eliminate words that do not match the user’s search.
  • Match diacritics – you can do this option if you want to find accented characters.

You can try this feature on the latest Microsoft Edge Canary, you can download it on the Microsoft Edge Insider page following.

With this feature, of course we can search for something faster and more accurately, but of course because it’s still in testing, this feature could still have bugs in it.

What do you think about this feature? comment below guys.

Via : Reddit Leopeva64-2


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