As we know, Microsoft has started to change a number of Windows installation methods on Windows 11, including in the OOBE (Out of Box Experience) section where Microsoft now requires users to connect the device to the Internet during installation and then asks the user to login to the Microsoft account that the user has. .

Now on Windows 11 22H2, whether the Home or Pro version, this also applies, where you will be asked to connect the device to the Internet and login to the account you have, but friends, the good news is you can still use a Local Account.

To bypass the connection to a Microsoft Account, you can use the steps that WinPoin has written on the page following.

The method used is to bypass by using the Command Prompt and entering the command OOBEBYPASSNRO fortunately when I try it on Windows 11 22H2 or Windows 11 Build 22621

With this information, of course for those of you who want to use Local Accounts on Windows 11, especially version 22H2, this is good news for you, I honestly prefer to use Local Accounts, why? because when a user folder is created, by connecting to a Microsoft Account, the folder name is automatically created based on the first five characters of our account, while if using a Local Account, we are free to set our own username.

After the local account is created, I usually connect with a Microsoft Account to get the full experience of the system as Microsoft has to offer.

So do you prefer Local Accounts? or not? comment below guys.


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