For those of you users of Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 devices, Microsoft has recently released a new update for Android 12L for both devices, where now you can get it directly by doing firmware updates on the device you are using.

The size of this update is around 2.6 Gb for Surface Duo and 3.2 Gb for Surface Duo 2, big enough and make sure your quota is enough to download the update.

Now regarding Android 12L, just as previously rumored, the appearance of Android 12L is made as close as possible to Windows 11, starting from rounded corner, icon and even the themes presented.

Interesting isn’t it, unfortunately this device is not officially available in Indonesia, and we didn’t have a chance to try it, but if you are a user of this device, just check it firmware updates to get the Android 12L update.

Via : Windows Central


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