For you LastPass users, there is interesting information, because after a few months ago it was reported that LastPass Experienced a Data Leak but luckily User Data is Safenow there is a similar case but user data has been accessed.

LastPass in official notificationpublicly disclosed that the company has detected unusual activity within an unnamed third-party cloud storage service provider used by LastPass and its affiliate GoTo.

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And because of that, they have currently launched an investigation into the matter while engaging cybersecurity firm Mandiant and starting to alert law enforcement. So far, it has been determined that bad actors have used the information from last August’s leak to gain access to “certain elements” from customer data in the shared cloud. However, customer passwords remain encrypted and secure.

Well while the current investigation is ongoing LastPass products and services are currently still functioning properly but users are advised to Follow the steps listed on this page.

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