Instagram is now adding another feature to their Reels, where according to the official report they present three features which include Trends, Editing and Gifts.

Also, the app now has a redesigned Reels Editor UI which makes consistency and timing easier, exactly as shown in the following image.

And like the CapCut editor, this Reels Editor also offers the ability to zoom in and out timeline video editor to make it easier for users to edit and organize their videos before they upload.

For the main new features presented, now Reels users can find trend reels the latest such as Popular Audio and Hashtags, which of course will make it easier for users to see trending daily from Reels itself.

Additionally, Instagram has added two new metrics under Reels Insights to give a better picture of content performance. This feature will include total watch time and average watch time, which Instagram says will help creators analyze their content.

And the last, Reels will provide a custom notification that someone follows a user after watching one of their Reels, and even Instagram will also be bringing its Gift to more creators with a release in Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK, in the coming weeks.

So, this new feature will be launched gradually in the next few weeks, but what is certain is that this increase is intended so that users, especially creator reels, can be more comfortable using Instagram’s short video service.

via: Facebook

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