We know that Windows 10 and Windows 11 do take up a lot of RAM usage, where even in my testing on Tiny11, RAM usage when the system was idle was around 2.6 GB.

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Now regarding RAM Usage, recently @XenoPhanter on Twitter revealed an interesting experiment, where he managed to run Windows 11 inside a Virtual Machine with only 196 MB of RAM settings.

As you can see in the image above, even though according to @XenoPhanter it took him 30 minutes to work with the BSOD and about 15 minutes to open the Task Manager, it’s quite interesting that Windows 11 can indeed run on 196 MB of RAM.

And of course, even though it can run and can be installed, that doesn’t mean that with this small RAM, Windows 11 can be used as usual, even just opening the Task Manager takes about 15 minutes, what kind of patient person isn’t annoyed? waiting just to open Task Manager.

All it took was 30 minutes of BSODs and a further 15 minutes to open Task Manager. I’m impressed that getting Windows 11 (Full desktop) to boot on 196MB is even possiblesaid @XenoPhanter in his Tweet.

However, with this test conducted by XenoPhanter, we know that Windows 11 can indeed be installed on such small RAM, so what do you think about this test? comment below guys.

Via : @XenoPhanter (Twitter)


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