Recently, Mark Zuckerberg via his Facebook page announced that they will release the Call Links feature on WhatsApp, where with this feature users can share a link to initiate a call with just one tap of the screen.

To access this feature, the user must have used the latest WhatsApp version, then in the application, the user simply clicks on the Call / Call tab, then clicks “Create call link”.

Although this feature looks like Zoom, unfortunately users without a Whatsapp account cannot participate in anonymous calls without an account.

In addition to bringing this feature, in his announcement, Mark also noted that they are starting to test secure encrypted video calling up to 32 users, of course this makes WhatsApp even more secure with its End to End Encryption feature.

Oh yes, for now, the Call Links feature is still being released gradually to users, but comment below, have you gotten this feature?

Via : Neowin


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