Microsoft Store is now getting better, where a number of applications that are considered less quality has begun to be eliminated, and of course the appearance itself is now neater and more structured when compared to Windows 10 a few years ago.

But friends, when this application is getting better and even has Android application support in it, it seems that Microsoft wants to add ads in this application.

Yep, as in the picture above, where this ad will appear when a user searches for something, and on the search results page there will be an application that is advertised with extra badge ads.

This advertisement is intended to provide an opportunity for developer to promote their app to customers based on content that users might like.

And the good news is, this ad is only for them developer who have already published their application on the Microsoft Store, so it is impossible to have ads outside of the application there.

The presence of this ad for now is still in the form of testing for those who want to try it, where if you want to try an ad in the Microsoft Store, then you can fill in form following.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin


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