The public will have to assess how big this company is. Unlike a privately held company, one of the advantages of being a publicly traded company or being a publicly listed company. Indonesia stock market People know how big your company is. This will definitely get better. brand awareness your company’s products in the eyes of a wider community.

in the context of capital markets The size of a company is not measured by the number of assets it owns. Rather, it is measured through a matrix known as market capitalization, or market value (market value).

In this case, the market cap is calculated by multiplying the company’s stock price by the number of company shares sold. The larger the market cap, the bigger the company.

In addition, companies cannot immediately have a large market cap when listed on the stock exchange for the first time. This is due to its large market capitalization. (Anything else that is consistent) is closely related to the degree of public trust in a company. Therefore, companies with large and consistent market caps are typically classified as blue chip stocks.

Here are 10 examples of publicly listed companies with the largest market capitalization in the Indonesian capital market:

1. Central Bank of Asia (BBCA)

Bank Central Asia aka BCA is one of them. Banking companies on IDX It has a consistently high market capitalization. The company, currently owned by Djarum Group, has a market capitalization of IDR 1,087.902 trillion.

This is understandable since the price of this BBCA-coded stock is over 8,700 per share and shares are available for sale. 2,914,546,140 shares In addition, the company listed on IDX since 2000 is also known as the best service quality banking company.

Bank BCA provides financial reports with results. mix In September 2022, the company’s profit decreased from 24 trillion in September 2021 to 23 trillion in September 2022. However, overall (calculated using data from subsidiaries), profit increased from Rp 23.8 trillion to 24 trillion rupiah in the same period .

2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BBRI)

The second largest go public company in Indonesia is full of banking companies. Stocks of state-owned banking companies which exists since pre-independence Indonesia, was recorded selling at 4,590 per share and has a market capitalization of more than 688 trillion.

Slightly different from BCA, BRI’s lines of business tend to focus on microfinance. It is no surprise that the company has more than 4,000 branch offices and more than 30 million customers.

In addition to improving the Indonesian economy after COVID-19, the company’s financial position has also improved. In the third quarter of 2022, BRI recorded a profit of 39 trillion rupiah. an increase of more than 10 trillion rupiah compared to the same period in 2021.

Although there was a huge increase in profits. But the company’s share price dynamics have been relatively flat throughout 2022. BBRI shares were sold for IDR 4,160 per share in January 2022 and are now selling for IDR 4,590, meaning the share price increase is only less than 10%. all year round

3. Bank of Mandiri (BMRI)

Bank Mandiri or BMRI is still from the financial sector. It is the company with the largest market capitalization on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). that exceeds Rp 10,000 per share and has a market capitalization of Rp 466 trillion.

In the third quarter of 2022, One State-owned Enterprise (BUMN) recorded a record profit of Rp 26 trillion. This value is 8 trillion higher than BMRI’s September 2021 earnings.

The rapid increase in profits caused the company’s share price to rise accordingly. In January 2022, BMRI shares were sold for approximately Rp 7,000 per share. This shows that during January-November 2022, BMRI’s share price increased by about Rp 3,000 per share, or more than 40%.

4. Telcom Indonesia (Persero) (TLKM)

Following the financial sector, the 4th position is filled by the state-owned telecommunications company Telkom. Like BRI, this company was established before Indonesia gained independence. Or, more precisely, in 1882, when companies In the Dutch East Indies, telephones are widely used. The Indonesian government then nationalized this company in 1945 and made it a state company.

TLKM was listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 1995 until blue chip stocks Coming soon. Not only in IDX, Telkom was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the code TLK in the same year. Currently, 52.09% of the company’s shares are owned by the Indonesian government and the remaining 47% are publicly owned as a whole.

Throughout 2022, TLKM’s share price will remain stable. This was evident from the sale of the company’s shares at the start of the year at 4,180 per share and had dropped by only 150 rupiah over the past 11 months to 4,030 rupiah.

According to stock price movements throughout the year, Telkom’s earnings also declined between September 2022 and September 2021, although total revenue increased at the same time. In September 2021, the state-owned company had a profit of 25.6 trillion rupiah, while in September 2022, the profit fell to 22.8 trillion rupiah.

5. Goto Gojek Tocopedia (GOTO)

It cannot be denied that PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk or GOTO is one of the biggest technology companies in Indonesia. The company is a combination of two technology startups that are market leaders in their respective fields: GoJek in ride hailing and Tokopedia in online marketplace.

Both Tokopedia and GoJek are applications that have been downloaded by more than 100 million users on the Google Play Store. The number of downloads alone has more or less proven the degree of public trust in GOTO’s two main business lines. It is therefore not surprising that the company’s IPO was highly anticipated in April 2022.

Although it is expected to be the largest technology company in Indonesia. But it cannot be denied that until now This company has not been able to record profits yet. According to the latest news on November 18, 2022, the company laid off 1,300 employees or about 12% of the total workforce.

6. Bayan Resources (BYAN)

Bayan Resources is a coal mining company in East and South Kalimantan. The company, founded by Low Tuck Kwong in 1973, was listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2008.

together with the rising coal prices in the world market It is therefore not surprising that through 2022, this company’s share price will increase from INR 26,000 per share to INR 92,000 per share. With such a high stock price, PT Bayan Resources has a market capitalization of over Rp 306 trillion. This high stock price also makes BYAN one of the most expensive stocks in IDX.

Obviously, this rising stock price was followed by an increase in the company’s earnings and profits. In September 2022, BYAN recorded revenue and profit of 3 billion and 1.7 USD respectively. Both revenue and profit more than doubled compared to the company’s revenue and profit in September 2021.

7. Chantra Asree Petrochemical Company (TPIA)

The Go public company, with Indonesia’s seventh largest market capitalization, is Chandra Asri Petrochemical, or TPIA, as its name suggests. This company produces various chemicals. that the industry needs, such as ethylene, propylene, polyethylene and polypropylene, and many others

The company was founded by Peter F, Gontha, former Garuda and Prajogo Pangestu commissioners. The company, which began listing on IDX in 2008, has a market capitalization of 50.8 trillion. Year 2022

According to TPIA’s financial report for the third quarter of 2022, the company posted a loss of $74.8 thousand. The company’s stock, meanwhile, has decreased from 7,200 per share in January 2022 to 2,350 per share as of the date of writing (November 2022).

8. Unilever Indonesia (UNVR)

one of the Shares of the largest FMCG company in Indonesia.Unilever becomes the 8th largest public company by market capitalization. Unilever is a company that produces a wide range of daily necessities such as Pepsodent, Sariwangi, Pond’s, Sunlight and many others.

experienced bear trend For several years, UNVR stocks began showing significant increases in price from April 2022. At that time, the stock price of the company founded in 1933 rose from about INR 3,500 to over INR 4,800 per share. At time of writing, UNVR stock is selling at 4,550 per share. UNVR market capitalization reaches Rp 173 trillion

from a financial point of view The revenues and profits of this Netherlands-based company have been relatively stable despite fluctuations. when compared The company’s sales in the 3rd quarter of every year is always Rp 30 trillion to Rp 33 trillion. While the profit will be 4-8 trillion rupiah.

9. Bank Negara Indonesia (BBNI)

Back to the financial sector, Bank Negara Indonesia, or Bank BNI, is now a go public company with the ninth largest market capitalization. Shares of the state-owned banking company, founded in 1946, are sold for 9,175 per share.

Like other companies Related to banking, Bank BNI’s share price, earnings and profits also rose. Following the recovery of the Indonesian economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, through 2022, the company’s share price will increase from INR 6,700 per share to more than INR 9,000 per share.

meanwhile In terms of revenue and profit, up to the third quarter of this year, BNI recorded revenue and profit of Rp 39 trillion and Rp 16.9 trillion respectively. While profits rose to 7 trillion rupiah. Compared to last September 2021

10. Sumber Alpha Trijaya (AMRT)

If Unilever manufactures its products, PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk, alias Alfamart, will be its supplier and seller. Yes! PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk is a two owned company. retail network In Indonesia are Alfamart and Alfamidi.

The company, owned by one of Indonesia’s richest people, Djoko Susanto, has 17,000 stores across Indonesia. (except West Sumatra and several districts) Alfamart not only offers daily necessities purchases But it also expands its services to buy digital products such as credits, data packages, game vouchers and more.

with these innovations It is not surprising that Alfamart’s revenue and profit increased from Rp 42 trillion and Rp 876 billion in June 2021 to Rp 47 and Rp 1.2 trillion in June 2022. This increase in revenue and profit This was followed by a share price increase from starting at INR 1,230 per share in early 2022 to over INR 2,700 per share in November 2022.

That’s 10 examples of companies listed with the largest market capitalization on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). But market capitalization shouldn’t be the only factor in investor interest in buying a stock.

Because the above market capitalization information can change at any time. Especially if you remember that November and December are one of the Because of this “high season” of buying stocks in Indonesia. window dressing. It would be nice if investors didn’t buy stocks based on value alone. market valuenot only, but also based on thorough fundamental and technical analysis.


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