Not long after Microsoft’s official announcement regarding the new Bing that brings AI support powered by OpenAI, it was recently reported that there has been a spike in users starting to download and install the Bing application on the Smartphone of the user’s choice.

Reported from Techcrunchbased on data from https://www.data.ai/Bing is currently close to the top 10 applications with the most number of downloads, which of course the rise in popularity of Bing and the increase in this ranking is due to the new Bing which is now starting to be available for users to try.

But even so, one indicator of the soaring number of downloads is that users still have to become waiting list to try this new Bing on Desktop, but specifically for users who have downloaded the Bing application and made Microsoft products the default, users can more quickly try the new Bing.

Now, because of that, the number of users downloading Bing has increased more than before, here is a graph shared by Techcrunch.

Microsoft’s strategy is to force users who want to get the new Bing faster by having to download and fulfill the requirements extra it seems to have succeeded in making the Bing application on iOS and Android more popular, but even so it is not known how long Bing’s popularity will last, and whether it can beat Google, which is planning to launch a rival named Bard?

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via: Techcrunch


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