Speaking of labor, you’ve probably heard the term “workforce”. turnover. Because basically turnover Reasonable employees do it as long as it’s not too much. It can also be profitable for the company if done at the right time.

Well, why is that? for you to understand more about turnoverHere is an explanation of the terms, starting with their meanings, causes, and countermeasures. Read more below!

Definition of employee turnover

turnover An employee is the departure and arrival of an employee in a company for voluntary or compulsory reasons.

turnover They themselves have levels which indicate the severity or tendency to turn employees in the company. This level measures how often employees in a company make changes over a period of time.

For the record, it’s not level forever. turnover high is good It’s not a bad thing either. turnover There are two types: turnover unusual and usable to understand more Here are the definitions of the types mentioned.


One type tends to be more detrimental to the company. This is because workers do it. turnover Be a worker with good performance and responsibility. This condition can occur if the company loses a good leader and protects it with the best performance.


This type is turnover that is beneficial to the company Because employees who cut relations will not have any impact, both inside and outside the company. This happens with underperforming employees. So if there is actual turnover This will benefit the company.

Reason for employee resignation

Everything must come from the same law of cause and effect. turnover staff. After a long discussion process The company has clear reasons for agreeing. turnover. for many reasons turnover Employees by company are as follows:

personal factors

Worker turnover can occur due to individual factors. Because now when people want to work, they have to be very considerate. Some factors of employee turnover include:

  1. workload is too heavy One of the personal factors that causes employees to quit and resign is overburden. The division of labor is unclear. and the workload piles up
  2. no new challenges For people who like a challenge, neat work repetitive routine Of course it will be boring. Then he will look for a new, more challenging job.
  3. low job satisfaction An employee’s job satisfaction will definitely determine how long an employee stays. Indeed, this satisfaction varies according to what is desired, such as wage satisfaction. Satisfaction with the facilities or the satisfaction of allocating time
  4. operator attitude Finally The personal factor that causes people to change jobs is their thoughts. There may be some who, after being scolded by their superiors, feel shaken and decide to quit their current job.

company factors

Not only from the person There are still certain company factors that ultimately lead someone to make a decision. turnover. Whatever? Read more below.

  1. Bad company system. One of the things that ultimately makes employees decide to change is the work system in the company. If a company uses a repressive working system and disregards the needs and welfare of its employees. That company would definitely be abandoned.
  2. Lack of transparency in payroll Remuneration is an agreement between the employer and the employee. So that the working person can know how he can earn a small salary. Or why the salary is not appropriate, etc. If there is no transparency, it will make employees feel uncomfortable.
  3. There are no rewards for worker achievements. Like people who like to be complimented Employees want the company to appreciate their hard work. Just a small meal or congratulation in front of many people is enough.
  4. bad work environment Finally Factors from companies that can make workers uncomfortable are poor working conditions, starting from friends, facilities provided, etc.

geographical factor

Geographical factors have become one of the factors that cause turnover Employees, for example, long-time employees whose homes are far from work. Over time, it will change with its age and abilities.

How to deal with high employee turnover

discuss more about turnoverYou need to understand what it means and why. Here’s how it’s handled. turnover high-level employees of the company Read more below.

Always provide opportunities for employee development

Just like any good company Of course, the company wants its employees to develop. Therefore, personal career planning must be carefully prepared by the company. Operators must know themselves in their work from weaknesses, potentials to strengths.

In order to have a skilled workforce that has been developed intensively. The company can provide a place for planting. so that everyone can progress when working in the company You can also give new challenges to challenge in order to master new abilities.

organized succession planning

succession planning It is the process by which an employee goes through preparation to fill a leadership position in a company, manager, or other structure. so that when the company continues to operate There will be a replacement seed that is always ready to continue the business.

Reward employees for good performance

In a company, of course, good work deserves to be appreciated. Especially if employees put all their talents in the company to advance. This should be rewarded. You can also reward employees with good performance on a regular basis. To be motivated to work according to the responsibilities

Of course, this required a long debate process. But it’s not wrong to do this. You can prepare your own funds. so as not to interfere with other funds In this way, employees feel valued.

Provide facilities and a comfortable working environment.

Finally, provide facilities and a good working environment to enable employees to perform their duties smoothly. This needs to be determined by the company to not exist. turnover Too much to the point that it is detrimental to the company.

So here is the description of turnover Starting from understanding the causes, how to cope, of course, as the owner of the company. You still have to do your best for the company to thrive. One of which is to treat employees well.

A good relationship between employees and company owners combines good energy to produce good results to maintain the continuity and progress of the company. Of course, there are ideas and creativity that can be realized together. Because working as a team is actually better than working alone. Good luck!


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