In early January, we got the news that Microsoft Plans To Turn Off Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool or MSDT in 2025, and one of the reasons for removing this MSDT is to increase the security of the Windows operating system in the future.

Regarding this, recently Microsoft finally officially made their announcement, which is on the page official support them, MSDT support will begin to be deprecated in Windows 11 version 23H2.

But for those of you who are still running Windows 11 22H2 and below, these devices are not affected by the death of this MSDT and can run the Legacy Inbox Troubleshooter.

Meanwhile, for versions of Windows 11 version 23H2 onwards, the Legacy Inbox Troubleshooter or MSDT is no longer working and users will be redirected to use the new Get Help troubleshooting application.

For more details, here is the timeline for before Microsoft completely eliminates this MSDT in 2025.

  • 2023 – Begin redirecting some of the troubleshooters to the new Get Help troubleshooting platform
  • 2024 – Complete the troubleshooter redirection and remove the rest of the troubleshooters
  • 2025 – Remove the MSDT platform

via: Microsoft


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