AI technology has indeed been developed quite a lot and has begun to be implemented in a number of products and services owned by Microsoft, apart from Bing Chat which is currently being continuously fried by the company, now Bing seems to be getting a new implementation of AI related to features shopping in search engines bing.

Now this new feature will combine product recommendations generated by AI, where later these recommendations will appear when users search for a product, and AI will display suggestions as tables, provide product comparative analysis and more.

In addition to the comparison table, Bing will collect product reviews from various retailers, in this way users can compare products, but besides that users can also see other people’s opinions and reviews about the product to help make purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, there is one more improvement that is present in Microsoft Edge. Where now the browser can track prices, and if the price drops for the product you bought, the browser will offer to contact the seller on behalf of the user for a refund. This will automatically draft messages to sellers, simplifying the process for users to potentially accept price adjustments.

Although it seems that Microsoft is very interested and even seriously taking the implementation of AI to help users in online purchases, unfortunately this may not be available in all countries, but let’s see what it will be like in the future, considering that Bing users themselves can be said to be quite small compared to Google , even though Bing Chat’s popularity is increasing, Bing and Microsoft Edge users are still far behind compared to its competitors.

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