During the Microsoft Build 2023 event which was held some time ago, there were a number of interesting announcements including Microsoft Introduces Windows Copilot, Brings AI to Windows 11 and news that RAR Can Later Be Opened Directly in Windows 11.

So apart from that, there is further news regarding the rumors that we previously reported, namely presence desktop with AI technology in Windows 11, and if you’re curious, here’s how it looks.

Now the video above was published by leaker @albacore on his Twitter account where even though the video above is not a 100% smooth demo, there is a high probability that it will look like that.

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What’s interesting is, of course, if it’s true that the Windows 11 desktop will be assisted by AI power, then the appearance will be more dynamic and easier to look at because it will follow the movement of the cursor directed by the user.

How? cool isn’t it?, sadly there is no word yet on when this feature will be released, so let’s just say that this is still a rumour, but it would be really cool if this feature was released in a future version of Windows.

Via : Albacode (Twitter)

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