As we all know, Microsoft has recently added a number of new capabilities to the components of Windows 10 and even Windows 11, one of which is an improved Windows Search named Search Highlights which has been introduced through Update KB5014668 for Windows 11.

Now with this update, Windows 11 users will find their Windows Search more integrated with Bing and MSN where with this feature, users will be offered “interesting moments” where the system will learn what is happening around you, on the internet, anywhere, including on the internet. your work, so the search bar will receive continuous updates that will offer you relevant topics that you may find interesting to read and search.

This integration of Bing and MSN is certainly a good thing for Bing and MSN users, but of course not everyone uses these services, right?, so this feature actually annoys and removes the minimalist impression of Windows 11 itself.

In addition, it can be said that the integration of Bing and MSN in Windows Search itself is more profitable for Microsoft, because with it more and more users will use their services.

Disabling This Feature Is Still Possible For Now

There are quite a lot of users out there who don’t really like this feature because some users think Microsoft continues to follow what users are looking for through Windows Search.

For now, apart from that, we can use the steps that WinPoin has written on the page How to Turn Off Search Highlights in Windows 10. There is a trick using the Registry Editor that allows users to disable the feature and turn off Bing and MSN integration in Windows Search, where by adding DisableSearchBoxSuggestions with a value of 1 in the following registry key:


My opinion

As a Windows 10 and Windows 11 user, I think the ability and integration of Bing and MSN in Windows 11 is a feature that should be optional, because once again not all users use these features.

And if Microsoft wants to add this feature by default to Windows 11 systems, Microsoft should add a setting where users can freely disable it.

So, what do you think about Bing and MSN integration that is getting tighter in Windows 11?, do you like it? comment below guys.


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