Google Chrome is still the only browser with the most number of users, beating its rivals even though it is both based on Chromium.

Regarding Google Chrome, Google recently announced that they are presenting a new Experimental feature which will increase battery life up to 10% better.

This Experimental feature is Quick intensive throttling after loading which is already available on Google Chrome Dev and Canary Version 105 or higher.

“For pages that are loaded when backgrounded, activates intensive throttling after 10 seconds instead of the default 5 minutes. Intensive throttling will limit wake ups, from setTimeout and setInterval tasks with a high nesting level and delayed scheduler.postTask tasks, to 1 per minute.” It’s clear Google in Google Chrome’s Experimental Flags page.

According to Google’s claims, its internal tests did not show any significant regression, but these experiments resulted in a positive increase in CPU Time and effectively reduced energy consumption and increased battery life.

And because this feature is still experimental, we don’t need to expect too much, because once again this feature still needs a lot of improvement.

Via : Chrome Unboxed


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