A Voice Dictations feature seems to have been added by Microsoft in the OneNote Beta application version 2207, Build 15427,1001 for both Windows and the Web, where in the section home from OneNote, there will be a button option Dictate which will be useful for users to use.

Well, it’s interesting guys, Microsoft said Voice Dictation It uses AI and supports more than 50 different languages ​​with varying commands as well. So, users can use this feature to edit, add and organize text without having to use the Mouse. Cool, right…

Well although there are quite a number of supported languages, some of them are still in testing and maybe still not perfect, so in other words that means voice recognition may have lower accuracy with limited punctuation support.

Read about it on the documentation page following.

In addition, it is important to remember that this feature requires microphone so that this feature can run properly, yes, and of course the user must have a stable internet connection because this feature does not run in mode offline.

Finally, Microsoft is rolling out this feature in stages for Office Insider users, so it may still take a few days – weeks until this feature is finally available to all Office Insider users.

Via : Microsoft


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