Cortana, one of the features that has been present since the era of Windows 10 and Windows Phone, although it had become the main feature that became the highlight of the Windows operating system, unfortunately Cortana is increasingly being abandoned even Microsoft Turns Off Cortana For Android and iOS.

Currently, Cortana itself is already separated from the Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems where Cortana is not presented in the system by default but is optional for users to download from the Microsoft Store page, although indeed it makes Cortana lose some of its important capabilities related to integration with the Windows operating system. , like unable to give orders shutdown, restart and others.

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On some systems Windows 10 Home may still bring Cortana by default, although Cortana’s role has changed, as Microsoft explained about Cortana’s role change on Windows 10where since 2020, Cortana has become personal productivity assistant different from the previous Cortana.

How Important Is Cortana on Windows You Use?

Now regarding Cortana, I want to ask all my readers, how important is Cortana on Windows that you use, As usual, you can fill in the poll below, guys, where there are four options that you can choose from, starting from very important, quite important, not important and not really important.

For me, of course it doesn’t really matter, because I have never used Cortana and in fact I have deleted it since I was still using Windows 10 2004. Now in Windows 10 LTSC 2019, Cortana is not present in the system and that is a good thing in my opinion because I don’t need to delete it again.

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What do you think? don’t forget to fill in the poll above, and comment below too, do you like Cortana or not?…

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