FileZilla is one of my favorite applications for accessing FTP Servers and doing a lot of things with the websites I usually create.

Well, sometimes in FileZilla I often encounter a problem where while transferring many large files, sometimes FileZilla finds Error 421 Too Many Connections, thus making the file transfer process hampered and even unable to run at all.

Then how to solve this problem? can we do it easily?, okay, here are the steps you can try guys if you also encounter the same problem.

Step 1. Make sure your Internet connection is fast, at the office unfortunately the Download connection is faster than the Upload so that sometimes it causes problems in the file transfer process from Local to Server, but at my boarding house, the problem does not occur because both Download and Upload have the same speed.

Step 2. If the internet connection is not the cause of the problem, you can change the following settings in FileZilla. First, open FileZilla, in the Site Manager > Transfer Settings section, please set the Transfer mode to “Passive” and the Limit number of sumultaneous connections to the value you want, here I enter only 8.

If it’s finished, please reconnect your FTP Server, and please try to transfer data again.

In my case, the problem has now been resolved where the FileZilla that I use does not find the Error 421 Too Many Connections case again, and the file transfer process can run normally without any problems.

Well, please try guys, I hope this article is useful, thank you.


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