Recently I encountered a problem that is quite annoying where one of the components in the Task manager is Host Infrastructure Shell seems to use high CPU usage, with that of course the device I use becomes hot and noisy, even making the battery run out quickly and slow when used.

Well if you find the same thing, and happen to want to overcome it, maybe some of the steps below can help you.

Restart Device

The first thing you can try is to restart Windows 10 that you are using, please restart it first, and make sure again in the Task Manager whether the Shell Infrastructure Host is still consuming CPU usage or not.

Run Windows Update

If the first step does not solve the problem, the second step is to make sure that you have reached the latest version of Windows 10 that you have, you can check Windows Update on the page Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, then click Check for updates.

Run File System Checker

If the two previous steps didn’t solve the problem, you can check on the filesystems, how in Command Prompt as Administrator, please enter the following command:

sfc /scannow

And wait until the verification process is complete.

From what happened in my case, the third step managed to solve the problem where Shell Infrastructure Host is using CPU Usage abnormally.

Then what is the function of this Shell Infrastructure Host? The Shell Infrastructure Host itself is part of the system that regulates a number of graphic components,like start menu, taskbar transparency, slideshow background, calendar, clock, and others.

And if the Shell Infrastructure Host uses high CPU usage, then there are a number of components mentioned above that may be working hard, whether it’s because of a problem or the user is using it himself.

According to information as reported by the Partition Wizard, the Shell Infrastructure Host in the latest Windows version has now been fixed by not using too high CPU usage, but if you encounter this problem in Windows 10 or even Windows 11, you can try the steps above.


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