Reported from The Vergesthere is an interesting change that seems to be coming to Microsoft Edge users and search engines Bing out there, where when a user tries to search for a keyword chrome on bing using Microsoft Edge, Microsoft will display an ad like search results from Bing Chat, here is what it looks like.

This advertisement itself is reportedly available in several states of the United States, even outside the US though.

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Now with this, it clearly shows that Microsoft seems to be quietly disguising ads in the form of AI answers from Bing Chat as part of their hidden ads.

Responding to this, Microsoft’s Product Marketing Director, Jason Fischel, responded to The Verge by saying:

"Kami sering bereksperimen dengan fitur, UX, dan perilaku baru untuk menguji, mempelajari, dan meningkatkan pengalaman bagi pelanggan kami. Tes ini seringkali singkat dan tidak selalu mewakili apa yang pada akhirnya atau secara luas diberikan kepada pelanggan."

Ads Now Removed!

Now interestingly, a few minutes after The Verge first reported this “experiment”, Fishel sent back another response, indicating Microsoft had removed this ad, stating, “The experience is no longer flighting.”

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Will Microsoft show ads in this form in the future? what do you think? comment below guys.


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