Who here expects the iPad to be more and more like a Mac? This time there is new news about iPadOS 16 which is likely to be more similar to the features and appearance of macOS.

Reported from 9to5mac, Apple will add Window Resizing feature to iPadOS. This means that various iPadOS applications will have frames and windows display like macOS and Windows PCs.

This is further strengthened by the leaked code in WebKit that displays a new feature in the form of Multitasking Mode. WebKit itself is released by Apple as open source so that everyone can see it here.

WebKit itself is also quite often used as a benchmark to see various leaks of new features that will be carried by Apple in its latest software and platforms.

In addition to the appearance with Windows Resizing, iPadOS has now also become very similar to macOS since Apple provided mouse cursor support and released the Magic Keyboard with trackpad support.

So, what do you think about the rumors that the iPad will become more and more like this Mac?

via 9to5mac


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