What happens if someone’s belongings are lost or stolen? Reporting to the police is the most sensible thing and the most thought by many people. However, it is different from the German Formula One driver, Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel chose to pursue the thief by taking advantage of the Find My feature on his iPhone. He was able to do it because another Apple device was in his stolen bag.

While Vettel was at a hotel in Barcelona, ​​he realized that one of his bags had disappeared. But he realized there were headphones made by Apple in the bag that could be tracked using Find My.

But unfortunately, when he was chasing the perpetrator suddenly his tracking stopped on a road. This is because the thief realized that the Apple product in the bag could be tracked remotely and chose to throw it on the street.

Since the pursuit of Vettel failed, he chose to report it to the police. Now the theft case has been officially reported and handled by the local police.

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