Apple officially stopped production of the iPod touch a few days ago. Thus, there will be no more iPods in the future. The iPod touch 7th generation released in 2019 was the last iPod released by Apple.

iPod can be regarded as a revolutionary device. iPod changed people’s habit of listening to music. Since then, the market has started to be crowded by digital music player devices from other manufacturers.

Although the first generation iPod had a compact size and design, the prototype or prototype of the iPod turned out to be quite large. Even almost as big as a laptop.

Images of the prototype of the first generation iPod were first published by Panic, a website dedicated to apps and games. On its official website, Panic includes an image of a large yellow device.

It is clear that this prototype device is much larger than the first generation iPod which was officially sold to the market. The first generation iPod was much smaller and fit into a pocket.

via Panic


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