Previously we already know that Microsoft will present a new application and service called designer where designer this is the web App to design something easily and quickly.

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More or less this application will function similarly to Canva, and if we look at the leaks and rumors circulating, this is indeed what it does, that is, it may be intended for users who want to design something quickly, such as for Instagram posts, or WhatsApp statuses.

Well above is a new image that adds information to what this application will look like, because as we know too, if we want to try it, we can actually go to the page https://designer.microsoft.com/, and login with the Microsoft account that we have. It’s just that when finished logging in, we can’t get anything other than the screen blanks.

But as in the picture above, on the front page, there will be a number of template layout that the user might need, for example for instagram posts, presentations, and others.

In addition, it was reported from ZDNetThe Internal Codename of this Designer is “Oasis”, and interestingly this is not the first time Microsoft has used codename this on the product, because, holographic shell in Windows 10 has codename the same one.

Overall, this Designer application might be interesting for us to try later, and hopefully this application will be integrated with all Microsoft services, for example Office Online and of course this will add portfolio For Microsoft as a competitor to Canva, it would be cool too, guys, if Designer was integrated with PowerPoint.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : ZDNet


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