Logos, hashtags and packaging are part of a company’s brand identity with logoAttractive hashtags and packaging Consumers may not only look at your company or store. But it still takes time to visit many times.

so hashtag logo design And the packaging should be as detailed as possible. In fact, it is not uncommon for large companies to pay large marketing agencies to create the highest quality logos.

A logo is made up of several elements: shape, writing, and color. These three elements must be carefully chosen to give the company a unique brand identity and be easily recognized by customers. In this article, the author discusses how to choose an attractive logo color for a logo. your business only

color meaning

accidentally Humans for hundreds of years of color have been linked to certain cultural contexts, for example in Indonesian culture. White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, while red represents courage. and black is the color for mourning.

The meaning of color in the context of another country or culture may differ. For example, white in India is often associated with mourning. but in general regardless of cultural context Here’s what the basic colors mean:


  • aggressive
  • powerful
  • provocative
  • stealing attention


  • luxurious
  • current
  • nostalgia
  • mystery
  • spirit

light blue

  • trusted
  • reliable
  • safe
  • be responsible


  • wealth
  • health
  • prestige
  • calm


  • optimistic
  • light
  • warm
  • motivation
  • creativity


  • vitality
  • funny
  • cheerful
  • cheerful


  • experience
  • word
  • simple
  • durable


  • prestige
  • value
  • everlasting
  • current


  • pure
  • nobility
  • clean
  • gentle

How to choose a logo color for your business

1. Consider the image of the company

The first step in creating a company logo is to consider the image or value your company wants to introduce to consumers. Companies that want to create a bright and natural image. Of course, a logo with a different color will be used for a company that wants to create a bold and uncompromising image.

For example, health product logos or packaging are often dominated by green, white, or blue to describe a clean, safe, healthy, and natural image. Sophisticated and elegant products

Whether consciously or unknowingly, consumers will purchase goods of value equal to their own worth. So they will buy these valuable items.

2. Consider the culture

as mentioned above The use of color can have different meanings in different cultures. And consumers tend to choose products that reflect their values, for example in Javanese mythology and culture. Green is not only a symbol of peace and health. But it is also a color that should not be used in some areas.

So before creating a logo You and your company’s marketing team should research the cultural aspects of your company’s target market community. Although it looks simple But this aspect is important for your company’s products to be known in the relevant areas.

3. Choose the best color combination.

Generally, company logos are not used in just one color and at least two. One for the background and the other for the font. In fact, many companies combine two or more colors for their logos, such as the Indomaret and Alfamart logos, which have a combination of blue, red, yellow, and white.

The color combination in this logo requires careful consideration. in order to still reflect the company’s values can steal the attention of customers But it doesn’t look sloppy and tacky. To choose the best color combination You have four tools to choose from: color wheel, hue, tone, and tone.

First, you can choose the right color combination on the color wheel. To select this combination, you can use 3 techniques: choose three colors connected by a triangle (three colors) adjacent colors. (similar) or selecting a color opposite the color wheel (optional). Second, after finding the desired color You can play with them by choosing the right hues, tones, and tones for each color.

4. Minimize options

A logo is a masterpiece with limited space. Therefore, the colors used should not be too much. Unlike other graphic design work that can take up more space, such as a poster or banner

Additionally, the purpose of creating a logo is to make it easy for customers to recognize your brand. Using too much color in a narrow space This will allow customers to shift their attention from your brand name to the color used. or even make customers turn to look elsewhere

5. Look for Color Mixing Inspiration

Deciding on a color combination for a logo can be challenging for a company. Fortunately, there are many websites and applications these days that you can use to find references to the right color combination, such as Coolors, Adobe Color CC, Color Lover, etc.

Even design apps like Canva have a feature to create their own logos. Here, you can create logos with attractive fonts and different colors. as needed When using an application like this You can choose colors that go with the image you want to brand. At the same time practice your skills to choose the best design.

6. Not afraid of temptation

Practice or experimentation is important for you to hone your skills and intuition in choosing the best colors. Because logos are not just about mixing colors. but also the font and shape of the text alias. Therefore, intense practice is required to determine the best combination of colors, fonts and shapes to create your company logo.

However, be sure to use the logo consistently across all marketing channels of the company. From banner stands to TV commercials too. Consistent use of your logo will indirectly create your company’s brand identity in the eyes of the consumer. It is therefore not surprising that changes to company logos often coincide with changes in “Brand identity” or the growth phase of the company.


Logo color is one of the many elements that create a company’s brand identity. The logo color must be selected according to the image that the company wants to create. Cultural aspects of the target community proper color combination and other elements of the logo. but will remain in the hearts of consumers forever


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