Updating the browser is indeed very easy, in Google Chrome or in Microsoft Edge, we can do it easily through the page chrome://settings/help or edge://settings/help, even the two browsers offer automatic updates in the background even when the browser is not running though.

Well meanwhile, for some people who really want to experience chromium original, some users use chromium browser original, which does not bring a number of customization features brought by Google or Microsoft, one of which I take for example, where I am currently an ungoogled chromium user which you can download on the page following.

The version I use myself is the version ungoogled because I don’t really need Google services in my daily life, such as features Google sync and others, and because what I use is a portable version of the browser that is not installed on the Windows system that I use, the update method is quite different.

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Incidentally, when I wrote this article, the version I was using was version 102.0.5005.115 and because it didn’t get automatic updates, I had to update it manually, and here I summarize the short steps.

Step 1. First, please download the file first archive from the Chromium browser.

Step 2. After you get the Archive file, please close the chromium browser that you are currently opening, and then Extract the file that you just downloaded.

Step 3. Finally, please copy and paste all the files in the file that you downloaded earlier and replace pre-existing chromium browser files.

When finished, please reopen your browser and now the version used has reached the latest version according to the file you downloaded earlier.

Please note that in this way, the entire file cookies, history, extension and others are still there and not deleted, because the file is stored in a separate folder located in the C:UsersUserAppDataLocalChromiumUser Data.

Well, please try guys, I hope this article is useful, thank you.


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