The taskbar in Windows 11 is indeed quite interesting with the position of the icon in the middle, of course the Taskbar in Windows 11 still has shortcomings, especially in the first version of Windows 11 which did not even get the ability drag and drop on the taskbar.

Now regarding the Taskbar in Windows 11, recently there was a new leak that we might call it a rumor, that it is possible that Microsoft will make the Taskbar in Windows 11 become Rounded, as shown in the following image.

Well this new look is based on a source from a Reddit user u/caipira113this new look is available in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25174, it’s just that it’s still unclear whether this is a new feature that Microsoft will launch, indeed because of a bug or this is actually fake news to shock the world of windows.

But if it’s a bug, chances are it’s not, because as we already know, there’s an app called roundedtb which will allow us to change the appearance of the taskbar to rounded with only these applications, so maybe in the future Microsoft will make the taskbar a rounded to be more in tune with the appearance of Windows 11, which the majority already have rounded all.

But, well, we’ll see in the future, because this news could be just fake news, where is it roundedtb installed first to confuse the users.

What do you think? Comment below guys, I think this is probably fake news, it would be interesting if it’s true that Microsoft will present rounded taskbar in Windows 11.

Via : Reddit, Neowin


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