Recently there have been quite a number of user reports regarding performance problems in Windows 11 22H2 on AMD devices with Ryzen 7000 cpu, where reportedly games are played seem to run slower after users update their Windows 11 system.

About this thing CapFrameX trying to show how this bug happened, which how are you this is a problem with compatibility AMD with Windows 11 affecting the new AMD’s CCD (Core Compute Die).

As in the image above, turning off SMT seems to improve performance slightly.

Then what is the opinion of AMD?, because there are quite a lot of reports about this on their new CPU device, AMD in statementbegan to search and investigate this reported issue. However, AMD could not see the “material difference” between the two versions of the operating system both Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2, and the problem experienced by users may be related to game engine and other factors not within the control of the Ryzen CPU.

Although currently based on claims from AMD they are looking for the source of the problem, because with this report, this can certainly cause a decrease in their new product sellers, for the time being AMD plans to provide ‘optimization’ for the new Ryzen chips to overcome this performance issue.

However, if it turns out that with the optimization carried out by AMD, performance still does not increase, users are recommended to downgrade the operating system until the cause of this problem is found.

Via : AMD


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