One of the key aspects of managing finances is saving. Savings are made to prepare for the next phase of life, such as saving for marriage. child’s education vacation for retirement There are many future needs that must be met.

To make this saving activity fun. Of course, you have to think about how to make saving easier and more fun. How do you want to know? 7 Unique and Uplifting Ways to Save Watch this article to the end!

1. Saving on the specified date

The first unique way to record is to record on a specific date that day. This can be done for the whole month or in the first 15 days of the month. Just adjust your strategy to achieve your goals.

For example, if you want the whole month It means that on the 1st day you save Rp. 1000, 2nd, Rp. 2000, etc until the 31st of each month at least in one month you can collect almost 500,000 IDR that means in a year can save money. get millions of dollars

2. Save money in the target piggy bank.

Recently, there is a trend to save money by using the target piggy bank. The Target Piggy Bank Savings Method is easier because the goal is set at the beginning and requires a small adjustment as indicated in the piggy bank sketch. It comes in a variety of formats ranging from 3 to 10 million rupiah targets.

The secret to saving money in the piggy bank is to be consistent. So you need to set, for example, saving 3 times a week with a few goals that are already listed in the piggy bank’s body to achieve them quickly. without consistency Impossible to achieve the goal You can try this goal piggy bank to save money in a unique and encouraging way.

3. Save to thank yourself.

Another way to be unique and keep you more active is to record your appreciation when you’ve accomplished it. You aim to get a 3.5 semester GPA. When that happens, you usually do. reward yourself.

instead of doing reward yourself Anyone who spends money can appreciate himself by saving. The noun fee can be adjusted according to your ability, not a burden. It can also be done if you can meet your monthly office goals or get a bonus for exceeding sales goals while working.

so, reward yourself What you do is more useful and you can use it for the future. It will definitely be very easy for you to meet your needs in the future.

4. Compete to save money with friends.

to be more active Usually there must be a contestant. Doing good must look for competitors. Because this competition will have more motivated people. because basically Every human being has a very competitive spirit.

You can invite your best friend to record together. For example, at the end of the year you plan to go on vacation with your best friend. You and your friend can start saving at the beginning of the year. For example, later on, the most economical will feed you one meal over the holidays. This will make you more excited, right?

You can do this competition with siblings. For example, my sister is competing for the most savings. If anyone manages to get the biggest name, he’s the winner. The winner may ask for something in return from the loser. Pati would be very exciting, right? Try this with your best friend.

5. Hang out with a friend circle

Saving can not only be done in a monotonous way. One great way that can be applied to a settling effort is by organizing social gatherings. You must be familiar with this single system. Because you must have heard or followed it many times.

You can share Arisa with your friends for savings. circle whether it is a collection of housewives work friend or as a friend during class Saving money through Ari-san will be very difficult to collect. If it’s not your turn to get Ari-san This might be another option.

But it has its drawbacks. social inclusion system Because you can’t specify when to collect money for use. Most of the money used for social gatherings is money that is not used in everyday life.

6. Save some money.

Saving money with certain values ​​can be an option if you are looking for a unique and uplifting way of saving. You have to put the money in the piggy bank.

Of course, this is easier than aiming for how many times a week you want to record. You can adjust a small amount according to your abilities. For example, you can only pay Rp 2,000. That’s fine. After all, if it’s consistent from a small amount, it can produce a lot if you do it continuously.

7. Enable the Payroll Deduction feature.

The next effective way to save is to enable the write-off feature when you receive payroll in your account. Nowadays, technology development is fast. There are many applications that make it easier for you to do everyday activities, from shopping, to making payments and applying for installments.

Technological advances are continually studied to produce new innovations that meet the needs of consumers. One of them is the payroll deduction feature after you have received payments on the account.

That way, you won’t have to worry about setting up each month by transferring funds to another account. Because with this feature can be set when a small amount has to be deducted and where and in what amount it will be taken. So you just accept it’s ok.

Many people offer this feature from accounts to digital wallet. Now it’s just a matter of how to optimize usability. in order to get the most benefit for yourself, because How to save quickly for a bright future

You can try all seven until you find the one that works best for you. Because everyone has different comforts and needs. It prevents you from comparing yourself to others.

The above seven methods can work if followed with consistency from within you. Be extremely focused on goals and objectives that have been thought through carefully. Realize that if you don’t save money now, it will be harder to save money in your old age. So by any means Intends to record right away, even a small amount is not a problem.


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