As previously reported, Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25136which includes a new feature, namely Tabs in File Explorer, as well as a Redesigned Navigation Pane.

Well, if we’ve previously discussed about File Explorer who finally got the feature Tab which has been long awaited and has even become one of the Windows 11 Features Most WinPoin Readers Wantnow is the time to discuss the new Redesigned Navigation Pane in Windows 11 Insider Build 25163 which will probably be Windows 11 23H2.

For those who don’t know, this Navigation Pane is sidebar which is on the left side of File Explorer, since the previous Windows era, the Navigation Pane is an important part of File Explorer because with this feature, users can quickly navigate to other folders directly.

Well in Windows 11 Insider Build 25136the Navigation Pane has changed, where some things have been removed, and replaced, which include:

This PC Now Focuses On Local Drive

Starting with this version, This PC will no longer show folders like desktop, downloads, documents, and others and will now focus on local drive that the user has.

If you have a lot storage drives on your device, everything will now look neat on This PC and you can access it easily without having to mix with other public folders.

OneDrive Improvements in File Explorer

Apart from This PC, which will now focus more on local drive, OneDrive is also now getting an upgrade where OneDrive is now more integrated with File Explorer. Once you’ve logged into your OneDrive account, OneDrive in the Navigation Pane will display username Your OneDrive Cloud.

Home For Quick Access, Favorites and Recent Files

Well, because This PC is now focused on local drive then Quick Access, Favorites and Recent Files are now moved to Homewhere it will be a replacement for This PC without any Drive touch in it.

Navigation Pane improvement is very interesting, because it can be concluded also, Microsoft began to overhaul the important part of File Explorer with a more modern simple style, and slowly began to leave the old style that has existed since the Era of Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Of course because Windows 11 is a new OS, this upgrade is worth getting. So what do you think? do you like this change? comment below guys.


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