For those of you Youtube users on Desktop who haven’t purchased a Youtube Premium subscription or used Adblocker, you may have seen advertisements overlays on Youtube, where the ad seems to block the video being played.

The ad will appear as shown in the image above, where of course we can close it if we want to watch videos with the best experience, and in my opinion, this type of ad is more user friendly considering it is not too aggressive when compared to skipped ads which we can’t even skip.

And about that, you know, recently Youtube announce that they will delete and remove these ads from the Youtube platform starting April 6, 2023.

"Starting on April 6th, 2023, the “Overlay ads” ad format will no longer appear on YouTube to help improve the viewer experience and shift engagement to higher performing ad formats on desktop and mobile devices. Overlay ads are a legacy ad format that only served on desktop and are disruptive for viewers. We expect to see limited impact for most creators as engagement shifts to other ad formats. "

Where with that, starting later overlay ads will be completely removed and eliminated, so users will no longer be bothered by overlay ads blocking the video being played.

According to YouTube, this is done to improve the user experience and also to redirect engagement to high-performing ad formats on desktop and mobile devices, because after all, ads skipped which cannot be skipped has a percentage value engagement which is higher and highly favored by advertisers.

So that’s a little information today from Youtube, do you like advertisements? or are you an Adblock user? comment below guys.

via: YouTube, Android Police, Neowin


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