Although the leak of the new Media Player in Windows 11 has published since October 2021. last November 2021, Microsoft officially introduce The new Media Player that will replace Groove Music which has been around since the Windows 10 era.

Now, in contrast to Groove Music which can only play music, the new Media Player in Windows 11 can already support video playback. play Audio CD.

Okay before going into the discussion, here I am using Media Player with version 11.2205.22.0 on Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22621.382.


As we already know, this new Media Player brings a very Windows 11 look and design, with mica effect, Icons and all their components are very consistent with the Windows 11 operating system.

Media Player Home Page

When playing Music or Video, in addition to the normal display, users can also choose options Mini Player which will make this Media Player always on top and very suitable if you want to watch videos along with doing short work on the main screen.

Mini Player

In addition there is also a Full Screen option which is definitely mandatory in a Media Player.

Features and Capabilities

Besides being able to play common media formats such as MP3, FLAC and MP4, and others, this Media Player also supports the MKV format. In general, almost all common media formats can be opened with this new Media Player, making Windows 11 a ready-to-use OS, even for simple media purposes.

In addition, we can also play media not only local / on our devices, but we can also play media on line which we take from the internet.

It’s just that, for Youtube, unfortunately this feature still doesn’t work properly and when we try it, it will display an error message as shown in the following image.

In section properties of the Media that is playing, there also displays meta information quite complete, including file locations which we can access in case we forget the location to save the media.

For other options and settings, it’s quite complete, where we can adjust equalizer, speed, even do cast to a TV set or other connected device.

Additional setting options

Besides, we can also arrange playlist, and create playlists according to our wishes through sidebar Media Player that you can access easily.

Quite Complete Settings Page

In addition to additional settings based on the media being played, there are main settings for the Media Player application which I think is quite complete too, where we can add libraries from our media, whether it’s Music, or Video.

In addition we can also set the Theme and Accent Color, including setting Album Art Online.


Overall, this application is very good, in addition to its appearance which is very consistent with Windows 11, this display seems very simple but does not remove the elegant and minimalist impression of Windows 11 itself.

In addition, the media formats that can be played in this application are quite complete, at least general media such as MP3, FLAC, MP4, MKV and MOV can still run well, so that without other media players such as MPC or VLC, this Windows 11 default Media Player it is enough to accompany your daily life to play offline content from your device.

However, when compared to VLC, of ​​course this application is still far behind, because the features presented are not as complete as the VLC application, in fact there are still some limitations such as not being able to play online content from Youtube, even features for Playing Audio CD also still not added in the version I’m using this time.

When compared to Movies & TV and Groove Music, this application looks better and cooler. What do you think? comment below guys.

Attention: The short review above is based on my personal opinion, don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments column below.


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