Several years ago Amit Hegde, who currently serves as a Senior software engineer at Microsoft, suggested that Windows Terminal get a Portable version to make it easier for users.

"Having a portable version of terminal makes it easy to copy paste on machines some times on servers. Having to install from store is not convenient." via Amit Hedge di GitHub

So, this statement certainly received a lot of responses from users, until in the end, based on information from leaker @XenoPantherMicrosoft will really present Portable mode for Windows Terminal.

As shown above, the Pull Request added 2 days ago clearly reveals that Windows Terminal will be getting a Portable Mode implementation, which will make side deployment of different versions possible.

You can find information about this on the GitHub page followingand to reinforce this news and rumors, even Microsoft has added the url to documentation page Windows Portable Terminal which unfortunately is currently not active.

Now, if Windows Terminal comes in a Portable version, of course this will make it easier for users who want to use different versions of Windows Terminal side by side, but of course, because this news just appeared, the presence of Portable Mode might still take a very long time until Microsoft finally releases it.

What do you think? would you like the presence of Portable Mode in Windows Terminal? comment below guys.

via: GitHubXenoPanther (Twitter)


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