If you use multiple accounts on one Windows 11 device, especially if you use the device together, it might be a good idea to separate the account with Administrator access and the account with Standard access, this is so that there are not many changes that Standard Account users can make to change the system. without the user’s knowledge.

Now regarding Standard accounts, generally users of these accounts can change their passwords and not the passwords given by the IT admin, and if it is a public computer that can be used by anyone, it is better if the password cannot be changed and changed by any person, except by the Administrator. itself.

So is there a way to prevent standard account users from changing their passwords in Windows 11? Of course you can, and the method is quite classic, namely using Local Users and Groups MMS Snap-in which has existed since the earlier Windows era.

Here, WinPoin summarizes how to prevent standard accounts from changing passwords in Windows 11.

Step 1. First, please open Computer Management (please right click Start Menu > Computer Management).

Step 2. Once open, in Computer Management, please select the option Local users and groups > Users.

Step 3. Then select the Standard account that you want to prevent from being able to change the password, then right click > Properties.

Step 4. Next, please select the option “User cannot change password“.

After that, when the Standard account user logs into the account, the user will not have the ability to change the default password that the Administrator has provided.

Now this feature is very useful in certain cases, for example for passwords on computers in libraries, labs, or other parts that do require public computers that have passwords to ensure the security of member data.

Please try guys, hopefully useful.

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