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One of the problems with laptops — especially in long-term use is damage to the hinges. Yup, hinges are the parts that are most frequently moved and the parts that move, like it or not, over time will become more and more fragile and will eventually suffer damage as well.

So, being careful in using it from a long time ago is very important, but that alone is not enough. However, what would happen if has it happened and happened to us? What do you think you can do if you experience this? Can it be fixed?

These questions, WinPoin will try to answer in this article!

1. Stop using it right now!

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The first thing you should do is stop using it immediately. Depending on the laptop model, damage to the hinges can be a minor inconvenience or a disaster.

If you experience damage to the hinge, you can sacrifice other important components, such as the power cable or video cable for the screen. Therefore, just in case you don’t touch it, please turn it off right now!

If the laptop is open, don’t try to close it unless you have no way to carry it and if it’s closed, don’t try to open it.

If you open and close a laptop with a broken hinge, it can cause more damage to other parts of the laptop and maybe even damage something that wasn’t damaged before.

2. Immediately take it to a technician

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The next step to take is to take it to a technician and you need to evaluate the damage carefully — whether it has spread to something else, like the screen connection for example.

As WinPoin said in the previous step, never try to open/close it without the help of a technician unless absolutely necessary — for example to bring it to a place service. If you need to do this, be sure to be very careful.

We may be tempted to continue using it as long as there are no problems and it works as intended. However, keep in mind that the damage will only get worse over time and eventually affect the functionality of the screen — something you probably don’t want to do, of course. Therefore, in this problem you need advice from a technician.

After that, the technician will disassemble your laptop and assess the damage, as well as tell you how feasible the repair is.

3. Ensure repairs are feasible and affordable

Now that you have the opinion of a technician, you should be able to see if a fix can be made. The average price for repairing a broken laptop hinge is in the hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah — depending on age, hinge complexity, internal wiring, and many other factors.

Although the laptop can still work with a broken hinge, it is much more convenient to fix it first and use it normally. If it really can’t be fixed in the end, don’t try to do it at home just by relying on super glue, WinPoin guarantees it’s not worth it and will actually cause more problems than solutions.

The question now is, how do I use the laptop with these conditions?

How you use your laptop today will depend on how damaged it is. If the laptop can be opened and all is well (besides the hinges), maybe you can put it on a table and give it a permanent or semi-permanent place — add an external monitor if you can to be more secure, because sometimes we want a change in screen position.

If you have a removable battery, you might be able to take it off — putting it in a permanent place means you’ll have to plug it in 24/7 and that can seriously damage the laptop’s battery life.

Keep in mind, here WinPoin only suggests — the best choice is returned to you. So, make sure you know the risks you are going to take.

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