To be successful in investing and trading Investors and stock traders must be able to buy (in) and sell (out) their shares at the right time. The problem is that orders that you enter infrequently are rejected (refuse) or unable to proceed immediately What caused it? Check out the discussion of the following articles:

1. There is a technical problem.

The reason for not entering the first sell order is due to a technical problem in the trading application software or a problem with the internet connection you are using. Although it sounds a little But this point is important to pay attention to. This is especially true for short-term stock traders who rely on profits from price changes.

Therefore, short term traders need to choose the best trading software and have a strong internet connection. Because buy and sell signals can appear anywhere, anytime.

to fix this Try restarting your application or software. Usually these types of problems only occur for a short time. Please contact the relevant securities contact center.

2. Not according to the price segment

A share price fraction is the level of change in the price of a stock that investors can buy and sell. There are 5 fractions of stock prices in Indonesia, depending on the price of each stock. If you enter a sell order or buy order that does not match this price fraction. Your order will be rejected for sure.

For example, the price of the stock you want to sell is Rp 2,000 per share. So he enters the 10th group with a price change of Rp 10. So your sell order will succeed if you enter a sell price of IDR2,010 or IDR2,020. This order will fail if you enter a price of Rp2, 022

Therefore, it is important that novice investors know. share price fraction.

3. Stocks Affected by Auto Rejection

Auto Rejection is an automatic transaction rejection mechanism from Jakarta Automated Trading System (JATS) to prevent fraud in stock transactions (unusual marketing activities/uma). The stock trade will be paused (usually 1 day) if he is automatically rejected. The goal is that supply and demand in the stock return to normal.

There are 2 types auto rejectIn other words, Automatic Upper Rejection (ARA) and Automatic Lower Rejection (ARB). The ARA and ARB are designed to keep the stock price rising and falling within normal limits.

4. Offer blank stock quotes.

The stock market is one of the most transparent markets in the world. The price and quantity of supply and demand in this market are accurately recorded in the system. The price and quantity data of supply and demand are recorded in the order book.

Traders can only trade stocks when there is supply and demand information in the order book. A trader will not be able to sell his shares.

This empty order book can occur on stocks that hit the lowest share price on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), which is around Rp 50 per share. At this level, no one is interested in buying stocks. Therefore, traders or investors will find it difficult to sell them. These types of stocks are often referred to as sleeping stocks.

5. Stocks Affected by Suspension

Another IDX policy aimed at preventing unusual market activity (UMA) is suspend the shares.

A stock suspension is a policy to temporarily suspend trading of stocks due to a number of factors. The factor here may be that the share price has repeatedly surpassed ARA and ARB. or the company violates IDX policies, such as late reporting of financial conditions, etc.

Unlike ARB, if the stock you bought is suspended. You have to wait for an indefinite amount of time until the issue is resolved and IDX reopens stock trading.

Therefore, you may have to wait weeks, two weeks, or even months until IDX and company issues are resolved. In fact, if the related company does not resolve the issue for up to 2 years, the shares can be delisted from the stock exchange.

6. Incorrect transaction hours

Your stock is not subject to ARB, ARA or suspension, but the sell order is rejected? It may be that your trading time is not correct. Like other markets, the Indonesian capital market or the Indonesian Stock Exchange also has an 8-hour opening and closing time from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Any open sell or out-of-hours orders will be rejected by the system.

You can open a sell order or buy order 15 minutes before the IDX opens and after the IDX closes. The 15-minute period before and after hours is called the pre-open and early-close period. You can enter a sell order at 8:00 AM, but later the position does not open, but waits again, so you have to wait for the market to open.

7. Wrong closing price

As mentioned in the previous point You can open a sell order 15 minutes after the market close (16.15). However, the condition is that you can only open a sell order with the highest closing price.

For example, the closing price of a stock is Rp 5000. You can sell shares only for Rp 5000 and cannot open offers at lower or higher prices. This also applies to orders. If you open a buy and sell position at a price other than the best closing price. The sell order you place will definitely be rejected by the system.

So how do you make your sell order successful and your stock not stuck?

  1. Ensure the quality of your trading software and applications.
  2. Make sure your internet network is good.
  3. Understanding Price Fractions
  4. Don’t buy fried food because, fried basil It has a tendency to automatically reject and withhold. In addition, fried stock has the potential to become stock. if abandoned by those who want to benefit from it
  5. Make sure you open positions at the correct time. If you really want money Therefore, you must sell the stock at the closing time. Make sure you open a sell order with a market order. so that the asset can be sold faster at the available market price.

That’s something that could prevent the stock from being sold. Understand these things to make your investment successful.


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