In page Microsoft 365 RoadmapsMicrosoft seems to be working on an upgrade coming to Outlook, where there will be even better integration between Outlook and Teams.

The integration is the presence of capabilities so that users can access chat in Teams directly from Outlook Meeting, however, it’s still unclear what this feature will look like, other than the suggestion that it will improve the experience of sending messages or viewing chats from Microsoft Teams in Outlook.

“This feature provides an easy Teams chat experience from Outlook in the context of a meeting for participants to send a quick message or review the chat.” Microsoft said.

Until now, Microsoft Teams integration is already available in almost all Microsoft services, including Windows 11 itself, and even in Outlook, Teams already has simple integration, where users can open chats in separate browser windows.

But with the increased integration that will be presented, this will add to the communication experience for the better and automatically without having to switch tabs and applications.

Oh yes, the availability of this feature itself will begin to be announced in March 2023, and of course for you Outlook and Microsoft Teams users, maybe this feature will be useful for you to use.

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