It was previously reported that There’s an Nvidia Graphics Bug in Windows 11 22H2 where for users graphic Nvidia, users may find framerate unstable and experiencing stuttering while playing games on their Windows 11.

Regarding this, some time ago, Nvidia has finally released a new update to the GeForce Experience Beta v3.26.0.131, where Nvidia claimwith this update, Windows 11 22H2 users no longer need to worry about low performance in applications and games that users play on the new Windows 11 version.

Now for those of you who have had problems with performance on Nvidia graphics on your Windows 11, you can simply update the GeForce Experience application to this Beta version, in the GeForce application that you now have, please go to Settings > Select Enable Experimental Features, then close the application, and later when it is opened, the application will be automatically updated to the Beta version, just make sure your internet connection is stable.

In addition, you can also download the GeForce Experience Beta application manually via the page following.

Via : Nvidia


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