A service company is a company that sells intangible products. But they can help consumers improve their quality of life. For example, an education services company can help consumers better understand subjects taught in school or university.

Service companies can be in a wide variety of industries. From financial services to healthcare and transportation. Here’s a look at 10 companies that provide services in Indonesia.

1. PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (Gojek)

The name Gojek is certainly not uncommon to Indonesians, yes! PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk is an example of a service company in Indonesia. or a company that provides online motorcycle taxi service

Before joining Tokopedia, the company’s main product was an online motorcycle taxi service. with an online motorcycle taxi application People in Indonesia don’t have to worry when they want to order a motorbike taxi or deliver. While motorcycle taxi drivers do not need to wait for passengers. This proves that although the product is invisible But products sold by GoTo have proven to provide added value (added value) to society

2. PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI)

Another well-known service provider is PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk or Bank BRI. state bank which existed long before Indonesia gained independence Providing financial services especially banking

Simply put, the BRI’s job as a bank is to provide funds from those in need to those in need. The bank’s profit comes from the difference between the loan interest rate and the savings interest rate.

Having a bank makes it easier for people to obtain legitimate capital loans. Avoid the approach of borrowing large amounts of money. And no longer have to worry about saving money. Today, the BRI is not only involved in the banking sector. but also provide other financial services such as opening of stock trading services (via the acquisition of Danareksa) to the establishment of a company capital group (BRI Ventures).

3. PT Zona Edukasi Nusantara (Xenius)

Education is the right of every human being. Unfortunately, not everyone has adequate access to the education they need. Although at this time many were able to go to school. It is not uncommon for students to still need help with further understanding.

So it’s no surprise that companies that provide online education services are evolving a lot like Zenius with access to online learning. We hope that students will be able to understand lessons better both in school and out of school.

4. PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk (Siloam Hospital)

Not only transportation, education and finance Companies can also participate in health services. The presence of health service companies is another option for those who wish to obtain health facilities and services that are not available in health facilities such as hospitals or health facilities.

PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk is a privately owned healthcare company. Network of facilities and hospitals the largest in indonesia Listed companies that are part of lippo group There are 40 hospitals and 30 clinics spread across Indonesia.

5. PTT Temas TBK

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelago countries in the world. It is no surprise that ocean freight services are essential to connecting the islands in this country.

P.T. Temas Tbk serves a wide range of needs related to marine cargo and passenger transportation. From chartering vessels to representing businesses for the purchase and sale of vessels, PTT Temas Tbk currently has a network of 60 ports and operates 50 vessels.

6. PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International Tbk

PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International Tbk is a company engaged in real estate sector. including real estate for hospitality Hospitality companies are companies that are responsible for the comfort of their guests. Included in these areas are the provision of hotels. recreational facilities and provision of space for Meetings, Incentives, Meetings and Exhibitions (MICE).

PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International Tbk is one of the largest hospitality companies in the country. Currently, this company and its subsidiaries manage 4,000 hotel rooms spread out in hotels and resorts throughout Indonesia.

7. PT Telcom Indonesia Tbk (TLKM)

PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk is one of the largest telecom operators in Indonesia. Not only providing telecommunication services for individual consumers such as Telkomsel or Indihome, the company also provides communication solutions for institutional consumers. Starting from providing internet network services. to data center services

8. Assegaf Hamzah and Allies (AHP)

If the company providing the above service is a legal entity with limited liability company (PT) status, an example of the company providing this service would be a corporate entity. Assegaf Hamzah & Partners (AHP) is one of the best law firms in Indonesia.

Services provided by law firms of this nature generally take the form of legal counseling services. from consulting alone to assisting clients in overcoming legal problems that befall them. The customers of such companies are not only individuals. but also companies with legal problems.

9. PT Bluebird Tbk (Bluebird)

Before there was an online motorcycle taxi Taxis are the most widely used form of transport by Indonesians. Especially those who live in urban areas, PT Blue Bird Tbk is one of the leading taxi companies in the country.

Established in 1972, Blue Bird is now not only a taxi service. But there are also business lines in premium taxis. Motor vehicle rental service (including luxury cars) and many other business lines

10. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is an international management consulting firm that also opened a “branch” in Jakarta. The company is one of the most profitable management consulting firms worldwide.

Founded in 1962 in the United States. The services of this company are quite complete. from marketing and sales consulting business expansion consultant to consulting on business direction change The clients of this consulting firm also come from companies. from automotive companies to the technology sector.


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