Through announcement most recently, Google recently stated that they will begin the process of migrating and transferring Reminders from Google Calendar and Assistant, to Google Task starting next March 2023.

According to Google, this migration process will be carried out in stages starting March 6 for personal account holders who wish to voluntarily migrate their data.

The aim of this migration is that Google seems to want to make Google Task a task management application for all Google services, whereby it can later be accessed side by side through side panels in applications such as Gmail, Doc, Calendar and others.

As shown in the image above, starting March 6, users will be able to start the migration process with the form displayed in the Google Assistant and Google Calendar applications, but Google added that Reminder will be migrated automatically in the second quarter for users who haven’t done this migration manually.

Meanwhile, for Google Workspace users who have the Task service enabled, this process will start on April 12 and Google will start automatic migration on May 22, 2023.

Besides that, reminders the ones you create in the Google Keep app won’t be migrated, but the list of reminders will disappear in the Calendar app once the transfer is complete.

So, are you a Reminder user on Google? comment below guys.

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