WhatsApp is indeed very popular, coupled with the acquisition of the service by Facebook and starting to integrate well with Facebook Apps and Instagram, making WhatsApp increasingly popular as part of daily communication.

Regarding WhatsApp, there is one interesting thing that Mark Zuckerberg said, where according to himWhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption on Android and iOS, including group chats, whereas iMessage (Apple’s messaging service) switches to insecure SMS when sending messages to Android devices.

In addition, Mark also added that WhatsApp strongly supports privacy with the presence of a chat feature that disappears automatically, WhatsApp also has a backup end-to-end encryptions which according to Mark, none of these features are available to iMessage users.

Responding to Mark Zuckerberg’s statement, of course there are many Facebook users who give unexpected responses, some laugh at it, criticize Facebook services, and so on. Especially iMessage users who feel cornered by Mark Zuckerberg’s statement.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

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