Citizens’ Business Credit or KUR is one of the government programs that aims to facilitate access to funding for Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This KUR is usually given to MSMEs through financial institutions. One of which is a bank, but it is not free. KUR recipients need businesses that are truly productive and help improve the economy of the community.

One of the banks entrusted to distribute KUR is Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). BRI is one of the largest and oldest state-owned banks. BRI is a member of state-owned enterprises (BUMN) in Indonesia. Bank BRI provides financing plans. Funded through the KUR program, Requirements, How to Apply and What is KUR BRI Withdrawal Tips? Check out the following articles!

BRI KUR loan terms

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), as one of the banks established in BUMN, has been ordered to distribute BRI’s People’s Business Credit (KUR) to improve the economy of Indonesians. According to the official website of Bank BRI, BRI KUR is divided into 3 types: Micro KUR, Small KUR and TKI KUR.

The applicable credit ceiling varies from Rp 25 million to Rp 500 million, depending on the type and demand. Meanwhile, the interest on KUR is 6 percent with a term or repayment term of 3 to 5 years. The good news is that there are no management fees for this KUR.

Interested in applying for this help to grow your business? The following conditions must be met to receive this assistance.

Micro KUR

One KUR provided by Bank BRI for its clients is this type of Micro KUR. loan ceiling Up to IDR 50 million for business capital or investment

To receive Micro KUR, the following conditions apply:

  • Be a person who runs a good and productive business.
  • Business built for more than 6 months
  • By applying for Micro KUR, you are not allowed to receive credit from anyone else including banks. Except for personal credit such as KPR, KKB or credit cards.
  • has complied with various administrative requirements This includes identity information such as a National Identity Card (KTP), Family Card (KK), and an official business license.
  • The maximum loan limit is Rp.50 million IDR with two maturities: Working Capital Credit (KMK) with a maximum loan term of 3 years, while investment loans have a maturity of up to 5 years.

KUR .Small

In contrast to the Micro KUR, the smaller KUR provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise capital with more names. The loan tenure for this type can provide loans of IDR 50 million to IDR 500 million.

The conditions that must be met in order to receive a small amount of KUR are as follows:

  • Already have a profitable business
  • Comply with all administrative requirements and complete personal data starting with your ID card, family card and other supporting documents.
  • An active business is at least 6 months old.
  • Business or ongoing business has Small and Small Business License (IUMK) or a business license equivalent to that letter
  • For working capital loans, the loan term is up to 4 years while for investment loans up to 5 years.


Finally, the type of KUR from BRI bank is TKI. This loan is only available to prospective Indonesian migrant workers (TKI) who will be sent to their country. for this single loan The loan ceiling is up to 25 million per person or can be adjusted according to the government’s policy.

You can earn TKI KUR with the following conditions:

  • Be the person who has registered as a TKI prospective and will be delivered soon.
  • Has complied with administrative requirements in the form of an identity card Service Agreement Passports, visas and other documents
  • Loan up to Rp 25 million or according to government policy
  • Loan amount up to 3 years
  • Valid for TKI with locations in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

How to Apply for a BRI KUR Loan

This BRI KUR application can be done online. make this process easier. You don’t need to come to a BRI branch to have funding. gadgets Only you can get it.

Check out how to apply for a BRI KUR loan in detail below:

  1. Prepare all necessary documents according to the form submitted.
  2. can go to the page kur.br.co.id to request a loan
  3. Click ‘Apply for Loan’
  4. to log in Use your email and password. If you already have an account If not, you can register first. follow every step
  5. go back to your account and ‘Apply for KUR Loan’
  6. After that, the requirements page will appear. You can slip down and ok
  7. Comply with chapta requirements too.
  8. After that, you will be asked to complete your personal information.
  9. Be sure to complete the information about the business you are working on.
  10. Upload supporting documents and personal information
  11. When finished, click on the loan application page immediately.
  12. After that, you will be asked to fill in the submission information from minor to age.
  13. You will be redirected to the installment calculation page. Carefully note the number of installments to be paid.
  14. Finally, click ‘Apply for Loan’.
  15. After a while, you’ll know if your loan is approved or not.

Tips for applying for a BRI KUR loan

After knowing the conditions and how to apply Now is the time for BRI KUR loan application tips, you can easily get it if you follow these instructions:

Prepare all documents

Before applying for a loan, complete documents should be prepared. Because BRI Bank will consider filing together with the submitted documents carefully. Informational documents and evidence of why the application should be given to you.

don’t forget scan your document so that it can be uploaded during document upload because registration is complete onlineso that there will be no more trouble

Make sure there is no bad credit history.

Avoid doing bad credit as much as possible as it will worsen your creditworthiness if you apply for another loan. So if you really want to get a loan make payments on time and responsibly. You can check credit history online.

Organize complete business books and licenses

Finally, in asking for this help Make sure your business has a clean cash account and a business license. Make the disbursement process easier because your credibility will be good.

You can use an app that can be used to organize your books. This is important because banks know how to develop your business. to increase trust in business

Here are the requirements, how to apply, and instructions for your application and KUR to be approved. In business, you cannot be separated from creativity and development. Although this requires capital. So one way is to apply for this KUR. Apply and grow your business now.


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