Nowadays one can sell and buy anything using mobile application from home. From homes to new and used cars. Originally, if you want to buy this kind of product. You must advertise in the newspaper. But now it can only be done via mobile phone.

In this app you can buy new and used cars and sell them with many options. You can choose a car that suits your budget and taste without having to move from place to place.

However, the challenge is that you have to choose the best and most reliable car buying and selling application. The reason is that one of the challenges of buying and selling vehicles online is the safety factor. whether it is transaction security or payment security If discussing best home buying app That being said, here are the 10 best and most reliable car buying and selling applications:

1. OLX

OLX is one of The best online second-hand shopping and selling application in Indonesia.. In this application You can buy houses, furniture, electronics. and used cars online You can also sell your unused items at home online.

OLX allows buyers and sellers to interact. Therefore, when buying a used car You can ask the seller directly about the condition of the vehicle. You can also search for the seller with the closest location. This way, you can directly know the condition of the respective vehicle.

Download the OLX app at toy store or app store.

2. Mobil123

Mobil123 is an exclusive application for transactions for new and used four-wheelers. The provider of this application claims to have advertised more than 200,000 cars and provided a wide range of vehicles. From productions in Japan such as Honda and Nissan to luxury cars such as Porsche and Audi.

Not only are the number of different units sold, Mobil 123 also has unique features that prospective customers and buyers can use to visit each other. so they can take a test drive. You can also take advantage of the available filters to select used vehicles that suit your budget and taste.

Download the Mobil123 app at toy store or app store.

3. Mobbie

As one of the companies that has been involved in the car buying and selling industry for a long time in Indonesia, Astra Group in 2019 launched an online new and used car sale application called Mobbi. This application is You can trade cars Buy a car at a promotional price. and estimate the cost of the car according to your budget

In fact, Mobbi has partnered with leasing company Leading company providing car financing to its customers, so you can buy a car on credit using this application.

Download the Mobi app on toy store or app store.

4. Oto.com

The 4th best car trading app is Oto.com. Launched in 2016, this app not only offers the sale and purchase of new and used cars for the passenger category, but also offers the best cars for sale. It also sells commercial vehicles. Besides that, you can also find different types of new motorcycles. in this application

Another advantage is that oto.com has a wide range of cars from different brands to choose from. With over 200 parameters to choose from, you can also contact thousands of authorized dealers across Indonesia.

Download the oto.com application at toy store or app store.

5. Digiroom by Auto2000

Another vehicle buying and selling application released by Astra Group is Digiroom by Auto2000. This application is slightly different from Mobbi for buying new Toyota brand cars. However, with Auto2000 you also have access to more features. For example, a 360-degree illustration of a car exterior. Finding the nearest service center and order service

Basically, Digiroom by Autoservis provides a full range of applications for Toyota vehicles. since the new purchase maintenance until STNK problems, etc.

Download the Digiroom by Auto2000 application on toy store or app store.

6. Cardudi

Are you looking for used cars and new motorbikes? Carmudi is the solution. Carmudi is the best used motorcycle and car buying and selling application and website that you can access online and offline. with this application You can connect with sellers directly via WhatsApp or over the phone.

Carmudi also has Carsentro, or used car dealerships, in six cities in Central Java, Yogyakarta and West Java. When you visit Carsentro, you can see the car for yourself and take a test drive.

Download the Carmudi app at toy store or app store.

7. Carsum

Carsome is one of the largest used car trading companies in Southeast Asia. The company’s services are currently spread across Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. The advantage of buying new and used cars from this app is that Carsome will inspect the cars for sale before selling them.

The app claims to serve ads for 4.4 million cars, 50 checkpoints, and 100,000 transactions per year. Additionally, the app promises to pay for the car you sell within just 1 hour after you agree on the purchase price.

Download the Carsome app on toy store or app store.

8. Buy and Sell Kaskus

The name Kaskus may already be familiar to Indonesian people, especially young people. Now, Kaskus buying and selling forums are not only accessible through the website. In fact, the app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users on the Google Play Store.

Not only can you exchange furniture or clothes. Users of this application can also use it to sell or buy used cars and spare parts.

Download the Kaskus Buy and Sell application at toy store.

9. Calling car

Another car buying and selling application that comes from abroad is Trovit Cars. In addition to cars, Trovit also offers a service to buy and sell houses at Trovit Homes and job advertisement services at Trovit Jobs.

The advantage of Trovit Cars is that you can save your preferred used car data settings. so that when a new car is advertised that meets your criteria The app will automatically send notifications. Download the Trovit Cars app on toy store or app store.

10. Moladin

The 10th best car buying and selling application especially for used cars is Moladin. Moladin provides pre-conditioning service. To provide the advertised cars with good quality and from trusted sellers. The application also includes dealer and credit features that make it easier for buyers to choose the car of their dreams according to their budget.

The Moladin application is currently downloaded by more than 50,000 people on the Google Play Store and has a review rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Download the Moladin application at toy store.


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