Some time ago, Microsoft released update KB5017390 for Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel users both using Build 22621 and 22622.

In this update, it will update the build number to 22621,598 & 22622,598 according to their respective versions, and of course other than that there are a number of improvements that are presented along with this update.

For Windows 11 Insider Build 22622,598 users

The improvements and fixes that are presented are certainly more, because as we know this build has more features that are active, including tab in file explorer, navigation pane new and more.

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Now in this KB5017390 update, there are several improvements and fixes in this build, which include:

  • For the time being, you will no longer be able to uninstall apps with inter-dependencies (eg, Steam and gaming apps running on Steam) or repair Win32 apps under Settings > Apps > Installed apps. You will still be able to modify and uninstall Win32 apps without inter-dependencies.
  • Fixed an issue leading to a small set of Insiders with “launch folder windows in a separate process” not being able to launch File Explorer in the last two flights due to an explorer.exe crash.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t interact with the top part of File Explorer (with the address bar) when File Explorer was full screen (F11).
  • Fixed an issue where command bar items like copy, paste, and empty recycle bin may unexpectedly not be enabled when they should be.

Well as quoted in changelog above, starting in this build, users can no longer remove apps that are interdependent with other apps or perform repair Win32 application on the Settings page.

Well besides that there are fixes such as problems in launch folder windows in a separate process the previous one was quite problematic even I also experienced it where when there were more than two File Explorers open, explorer.exe would crash.

For Windows 11 Build 22621 & 22622 users

In addition, specifically for Windows 11 22621 users, only fixes are presented, including:

  • We fixed an issue that creates a duplicate print queue. Because of this, the original print queue stops working.
  • We fixed an issue that affects Roaming User Profiles. After you sign in or sign out, some of your settings are not restored.

These two fixes will also come for Build 22622 which makes this build look better than Windows 11 Build 22621.

Known Issues

But friends, there is one known issue that is quite disturbing, which is on page lock screen, if you click on the network icon, then lock screen will crash and you will have to reboot your system to fix the problem.

With that, it is not recommended to change the network / wifi when your Windows 11 is still on the login screen.

What do you think? comment below guys.

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