As we know, Microsoft has updated the Task Manager in Windows 11 22H2 Insider Beta 22623891 and Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25231where Task Manager gets the ability search bar which is very useful for users to use.

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Well, about that, did you know that it turns out that the old Task Manager was without search bar it’s still available in both builds, where the old task manager can still be accessed via C:WindowsSysWOW64LaunchTM.exe

This was first discovered by @PhantomOfEarth in his tweetand it turns out that after I checked, the old Task Manager was still available for access users.

Why can this happen and there are still two different Task Managers in Windows 11? Regarding this, of course, because at this time the new Task Manager feature is still in testing so that the old components still exist in Windows 11 before Microsoft finally completely replaces the old Task Manager with new and more modern.

Oh yes, besides Insider Dev Channel users Build 25236, Beta Channel users with Build 22623,891 can also check the old Task Manager directory.

And once again, for myself this new Task Manager component is better than the old one, because we can search for a process more easily with features search available there.

So what do you think? comment below guys.


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