As we already know, the number of Steam users using the Windows 11 OS has started to increase in recent months, where in November 2022 the number of users reached 29.11%.

Well comrades, based on the results survey from valve, in December 2022 there was an increase of 0.45% where now the 29% figure is even greater with a total 29.56%.

This number is still very far when compared to the number of Windows 10 users where in December 2022 yesterday, the number of Steam users using Windows 10 was still at number 68.04%.

Even so, this number seems to continue to increase considering that currently almost all of them have new devices preinstalled with Windows 11, apart from that Windows 11 has also become more stable over time as it develops.

So, are you also a Steam user who has updated to Windows 11? Or don’t you still use Windows 10? comment below guys.

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