An interesting news is here for you Spotify users, because recently, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek shared screenshots from the Spotify application on Twitter, where there is one feature that is highlighted, namely Offline Mix Playlists.

Now this capability itself is intended for users who might want to play music on Spotify offline or not connected to the Internet, where instead of having to download individual music (for Spotify Premium users), users can later download a mixed playlist to be played offline. .

In addition, this feature has reportedly been worked on since 2020, Reportyou can see in the tweet on the related link. But even so, unfortunately there are no official details on when this feature will be presented, and how will this feature work, is it for Premium users, or regular users?

Now, I myself am quite looking forward to this feature, especially if we want to enter an area where the internet connection is quite weak, and driving will be more fun if all the music has been stored in the feature. mix this offline playlist. How do you think? Comment below guys, and as usual if there are additional WinPoin will continue to provide information about this.

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